About Us

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Commitment to Excellence

Tranquil Care Hospice is dedicated to extraordinary care. Our purpose revolves around our patients – offering personalized attention in our commitment to elevating their experience with us. Our mission is to provide compassionate care while honoring life with dignity and respect.

Who We Are

Tranquil Care Hospice conveniently serves the communities of Los Angeles County, California.  We believe in a holistic approach that goes beyond the physical aspects of hospice care. Did you know that “Hospice” is often misunderstood and many who could benefit greatly from the service end up passing away without it?

Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual, we strive to understand every patient’s distinct needs and preferences. Our aim is to enable patients and their families to make decisions that align with their values and preferences.

Our team is deeply committed to building strong emotional bonds with those we serve. We understand the importance of emotional support in conjunction with medical care. We go beyond the conventional boundaries of healthcare by offering cutting-edge medical care along with continuous emotional support. By prioritizing the patient’s comfort and safety, we ensure our approach addresses the physical, emotional, and psychological well-being at every stage of their journey.

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